Science & Innovation Theaters

Science & Innovation Theaters provide a structured focus for participants to learn about specific products, therapeutic areas, and/or disease states in presentations given by company-designated presenters.

Theaters will take place in The Exchange on Thursday, Oct. 13 from 11:15am–2pm.

Materials presented in theaters may be promotional and concentrate on a specific product, service, or therapeutic area. Therefore, these presentations are considered promotional and do not offer continuing education credit.


Lupus: Understanding the Impact and Changing the Course of Disease

Sponsored by GSK Medical Affairs

Description: Lupus primarily affects women of childbearing age and can present with diverse signs and symptoms. Key drivers in early organ damage include persistent disease activity and is more likely linked to active inflammation. Waxing and waning disease activity over time and drug side effects can lead to progressive long-term organ damage. Mean all-cause healthcare costs increase as patients incur organ damage. Minimizing disease activity and drug toxicity is important in modifying the course of disease. 

Roger A. Levy, MD PhD
Global Medical Expert
Immunology and Specialty Medicine, GSK


Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Innovation: Exploring the Impact of CGM on Adapting Lifestyle Changes and Improving Clinical and Economic Outcomes 

Description: Join Abbott, a global leader in diabetes care, to learn about Abbott’s latest CGM technology the FreeStyle Libre 3 System, the world’s smallest and only real-time CGM that sends glucose readings every minute to a Smartphone. Through the utilization of reviewing the clinical evidence and presenting case studies we will explore the benefits of CGM on improving positive lifestyle changes including healthy eating, increased activity, and medication adherence, as well as a reduction in diabetes distress that can improve clinical outcomes and reduce cost of care. In addition, we will be exploring our integrated suite of digital health tools which offers a seamless diabetes management experience and improved practice workflows. Gain insights into how these tools may be utilized across all patient types to meet the ADA’s recommendations for Standards of Care.  

Dr. Barbara Hirsch, M.D. M.S., F.A.C.E. is an endocrinologist and partner at North Shore Diabetes and Endocrine Associates ( Dr. Hirsch is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra North Shore-Northwell.


Teplizumab: An Investigational Product to Delay Insulin-Dependent Stage 3 (Clinical) Type 1 Diabetes in Stage 2 Patients (At-Risk Individuals)

Sponsored by Provention Bio, Inc.
PIE Description: Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a chronic and irreversible autoimmune disease resulting in a lifelong dependence on exogenous insulin. This Science & Innovation Theater will provide information on the stages of disease and T1D progression, including the ability to detect the onset of T1D even before symptoms appear. We will then introduce relevant clinical data for teplizumab, an investigational product targeting Stage 2 patients (at-risk individuals) to delay clinical T1D. Teplizumab is an investigational compound and has not been FDA-approved for any use; therefore, its safety and efficacy have not been established.
Andrew Cagle, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist), FAAP 
Director, Field Medical Scientists, Provention Bio

Science & Innovation Theaters with a PIE logo include preapproval information exchange information. In accordance with federal laws and regulations, attendance at these sessions is restricted to payors, formulary committees, or other similar entity representatives with knowledge and expertise in health care economic analysis, carrying out responsibilities for the selection of drugs for coverage or reimbursement. Look for additional details on the Preapproval Information Exchange page.