Convince Your Boss

Justifying Your Participation in AMCP Nexus 2024 

Before you register for AMCP Nexus 2024, you may need to convince your boss. Attending a meeting requires financial resources and time away from your work responsibilities. You may need to illustrate that your organization will get a return on its investment and that you are the right person to invest in.

Use these tools to build your business case and demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending Nexus 2024:


Everyone has different objectives for attending a meeting like Nexus 2024. Select the examples that best support your organization’s mission and sharpens your competitive edge, or develop your own benefit: 

  • Learn — Hear from thought leaders, experts, and peers on the latest findings in managed care pharmacy, best practices to integrate into your own work, and the latest regulatory and legislative activities. 
  • Grow  —  Tap your professional connections, old and new, for new business leads and competitive intelligence. 
  • Network — Grow your professional relationships with managed care colleagues and decision-makers. Take the pulse of what’s happening in the field. 
  • Volunteer  —  Give back to AMCP and your profession by volunteering at the meeting, which is another great way to meet other attendees and build your professional network. 
Letter to Your Supervisor

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I would like to attend AMCP Nexus 2024 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Conference Center from Oct. 14–27.

Nexus 2024 is a unique opportunity for managed care pharmacists, physicians, nurses, health plan administrators, and other managed care professionals to learn together about new developments and practices in our field. This learning comes at a crucial time as we work to implement challenging health care reforms and find ways to provide more services with fewer resources.

Nexus 2024 offers:

  • Continuing education sessions on a wide range of health care topics relevant to our work at [insert organization], including formulary management, legislative and regulatory activities, business trends, value-based care, and more.
  • Networking opportunities with managed care pharmacy leaders from across the country as well as in regional AMCP affiliates.
  • Cutting-edge sessions that focus on [list topics related to your responsibilities]. After reviewing the Nexus 2024 educational content, I’ve identified topics that will allow me to gain important knowledge and skills related to our goals [insert organization goals]. [Insert sample of sessions you plan to attend]. I will share what I learned with our team and organization to move us forward. 
  • An Expo Hall where companies, consulting firms, and other vendors representing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and specialty industry will display information on their latest products and services. The Expo also features 15, 30 and 60 minute thought leadership presentations on innovations in the industry.  

For these reasons and more, I am seeking approval for the registration fee and travel expenses to the conference and estimate total costs to be [insert estimated costs]. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. If I can provide additional information about Nexus 2024, please let me know. I look forward to your decision. 

[Insert your name] 

Visit the registration page to calculate expenses. For the best rate, become an AMCP member and register before the early-bird deadline, August 9. You can join or renew through the Nexus 2024 registration process. 

Post-Meeting Follow-Up

Congratulations — you’re attending Nexus 2024! Show your boss they made the right decision and follow up with them after the meeting to report your experience. Here are suggestions on how to follow up with your supervisor and document the value of participating in Nexus 2024: 

  • Write a short description of sessions you attended, including what you learned and how it directly applies to your organization. 
  • Recommend how to apply what you learned into practice at your organization. 
  • Document your AMCP leadership involvement (e.g. committee meetings you attended, and poster presentations you observed). 
  • Note client interactions, both formal and informal, and suggest follow-up correspondence. 
  • Write down the competitive intelligence you gained. 
  • Write a memo summarizing the conference and submit it to your supervisor. 
  • Schedule a lunch and learn with your team and other stakeholders to share your Nexus 2024 experience.