Meeting Space Requests

Meeting Room Location Within AMCP Contracted Space

Update 9/29/22: Meeting space for Nexus 22 is now sold out.

Meeting space is a prime location near AMCP scheduled events at the Gaylord National.  

Meal functions, receptions, and advisory boards may only be hosted outside of official AMCP scheduled events during the times listed below.

All times are listed in Eastern Time (ET).


Space Available

Permitted Times for Internal Meetings

Permitted Times for Meal Functions, Receptions & Advisory Boards

Cost Per Room

Tuesday, Oct. 11 

Starting at 9am

Starting at 9am

May occur at any time starting at 9am


Wednesday, Oct. 12 

All Day

All Day

May start after 7pm


Thursday, Oct. 13

All Day

All Day

May start after 5:45pm


Friday, Oct. 14 

Through 11:30am

Through 11:30am

Must conclude by 8:15am


Please note that the purchasing company will be billed directly from AMCP’s service providers for their contracted audio, visual, and catering expenses. Companies purchasing meeting space agree to use AMCP’s official audio visual provider, Freeman, and the Gaylord National catering team. These contacts will be provided upon acceptance of the meeting space application form. 

Meeting Space Request Form

Please note that you will be charged for EACH meeting room request.